Parish Ministries Information

Please Call the Parish Office at 770-443-0566 or Send an Email to to Contact One of Our Ministry Leaders.   Thank You.

Liturgical Ministries


  • Altar Servers

  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

  • Lectors

  • Ministry Scheduling

  • Music Ministries

  • Set-up Ministry

  • Ushers


Education Ministries


  • Religious Education

  • Director of Religious Education

  • Youth Minister

  • RCIA


Other Areas of Parish Life


  • Blessing of Homes

  • Church Memorials/Wills

  • Communion Calls

  • Gift Bearers

  • Hospital Visitation

  • Holy Mass Cards

  • Novenas

  • Spiritual Library

  • Stations of the Cross


Other Groups at St. Vincent de Paul


  • Altar Art and Flowers Guild

  • Charismatic Prayer Group

  • Finance Council

  • Home Enthronements

  • Home School Support

  • Hospitality/Welcoming Committee

  • Knights of Columbus

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Marriage Ministry

  • Ministry to the Homebound

  • Natural Family Planning

  • Nursery

  • Prayer Line

  • Pro-Life/Respect Life Committee

  • Special Projects

  • Vocation Prayer Ministry

  • Women's Altar Rosary Guild 


Outreach in the Larger Communities


  • St. Vincent de Paul Society


Ministry & Group Information


  • Please feel free to contact the Parish Office further information and how you can be a great value to our church and community through the ministry.


Altar Servers 


Those young men who have received First Communion and are above the age of nine are invited to serve at the Lord's altar.


Dave Krut 

Altar Art and Flowers Guild

This group uses their talents to enhance the beauty of our worshiping environment by assisting with sewing, flower arranging and other decorative functions throughout the Liturgical year.


Brenda Strauss / Mary Jean Nelson

Charismatic Prayer Group


The Saint Vincent de Paul Hispanic Charismatic Prayer Group consists of a reunion of Christians congregated to give praise, glory, thanks and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ.


We meet in an atmosphere of love and support for one another in an effort to grow in the knowledge and love of God, and to develop a personal relation with Jesus Christ through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.


Our meeting is characterized by expressive, joyful praise, singing as a way of praying, and openness to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Each prayer meeting is open to anyone who wants to come and it takes place every Friday starting at 7:30pm.


Maira Siri-Rodriguez

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Anyone interested in serving in this ministry should see Debbie Chisholm. The Archdiocese has established certain guidelines regarding valid marriages and regular Holy Mass attendance as prerequisites to entering into this ministry. Training will be provided.


Debbie Chisholm 


Finance Council

The finance council is a group of appointed parishioners who work together with the Pastor regarding the budget and other fiscal considerations of the parish. If you are interested in serving on this council please contact a staff member.


Tony McCann

Home Enthronements

Bob Babecka


Home School Support


Our mission is to support Roman Catholic families who, with our prayer and sacrifice embrace the call to educate our children faithful to the Holy Father and the Magisterium of our Holy Catholic Church.


We are here to share information, offer advice and support each other in our efforts to give our children a solid Catholic education at home. Our activities include educational and social activities, community service, guest speakers, field trips and park days.


Theresa Dodd

Hospitality - Welcoming Committee

St. Vincent de Paul extends a warm welcome to all who visit the parish. Committee members greet parishioners as they arrive for Sunday Holy Mass.


These members are available to answer questions about the parish, provide assistance in locating programs and activities offered at SVdP.


Brenda Strauss

Knights of Columbus
Family and Fraternity make up the foundation upon which the Knights of Columbus stand. Our projects make a difference in communities and countries throughout the world.


Ken Bishop

Lawn Maintenance

These volunteers maintain the landscaping. They keep the lawn mowed, the hedges trimmed, and the parking lot free from debris.


Al Stumm




The lector proclaims the Word of God during the Liturgy of the Word, an ancient tradition of the Church.


Two lectors are required for each Sunday Mass, at seasonal liturgies such as Christmas and Easter, and other special liturgies throughout the year.


Anyone above the age of sixteen who is willing to rehearse and prepare for the readings ahead of time is invited to attend a training session to serve as a lector.


Al Stumm

Marriage Ministry


The marriage ministry works to educate, strengthen, promote, and advocate the splendor of the truths of God's plan for marriage.


Married couples will encourage and support each other by offering educational, social and enrichment activities with practical way to align our minds spirits, attitudes, and actions to invigorate marriages in all stages.


Volunteer Needed

Ministry Scheduling

Lizzy Kilgore

Ministry to the Home bound

This ministry coordinates volunteers to visit and assist those parishioners and their families who are sick and/or homebound.


Deacon Jim McDermott 

Music Ministries

Anyone wishing to join the choir is invited to contact the Director of Music. The Sunday 10:30an contemporary group rehearses on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.


Jeff Comer

Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a method of family planning that is scientific, highly effective and is approved by the Catholic Church. NFP helps to identify natural body signs related to fertility. Classes are offered through the Archdiocese of Atlanta and are taught by certified instructors.


Bob Babecka


A nursery is provided during the 9:00am Sunday Liturgy, for children ages four or younger.


The nursery coordinator, as well as parish volunteers, provide this service to our community. Parents with small children are encouraged to use this facility.


Suzanne Fraga

Prayer Line

This group of prayerful individuals prays for the special intentions of people during their time of need. Many requests are offered in thanksgiving for blessings that were received.


Fran Cohen 


Pro-Life/Respect Life Committee

St. Vincent de Paul's Respect Life Ministry members volunteer in an effort to protect of the unborn, mothers contemplating abortion, abused and neglected children, and for an end to euthanasia.


The group aims to promote awareness of pro-life issues and to help keep you up to date on everything related to pro-life issues.

Rochelle Focaracci and Eugene Vigil

Religious Education 

The Religious Education Department at SVdP offers a comprehensive, robust program for school-age children in grades 1-12. Classes are taught by volunteers who have a strong foundation in the faith and who are dedicated to providing children with knowledge, understanding and a love of Catholicism.


Students preparing for First Holy Communion or for Confirmation must attend Sacramental preparation classes for two consecutive years prior to reception of the sacrament. Those not in direct preparation for sacraments are provided with a strong foundational program in all aspects of learning and living the faith.   


Nancy Chisholm, Co-Director Religious Education  

Mary Ware, Co-Director of Religious Education  


This is a process designed for non-Catholic adults interested in either learning more about the Catholic faith or actually becoming Catholic. Sponsors are needed to journey along with those seeking entrance into our faith community.


Jeanie Blowers 


Set-up Ministry

Ministers are asked to arrive forty-five (45) minutes prior to Holy Mass and are responsible for preparing the vessels and gifts at the credence and gifts table as well as performing other duties prior to our Eucharistic celebration. This ministry also invites parishioners to present the gifts during the offertory. Training is provided.


Parish Office

Special Projects

These volunteers are asked to assist with various projects throughout the year. Tasks include but are not limited to the maintenance of the church building and grounds (painting, etc.). New members and new talents (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc.) are always needed and welcome.


Business Office

St. Vincent de Paul Society
651 West Memorial Drive, Dallas, Georgia 30132


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Family Support Center: 770-443-1533

The Family Support Center provides outreach to those in the community who are in need of assistance obtaining food, meeting utility bills, prescriptions and home visits.


St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store 770-443-1537


Vocation Prayer Ministry 

Bob Babecka 


Ushers offer direction with regard to seating, organizing and conducting collections and assisting with offertory and communion processions. The Ushers are also called upon to answer any variety of questions and must be prepared to handle emergencies when the need arises.


Randy Brown 

Women's Altar Rosary Guild

The purpose of the Guild is to further the spiritual welfare of its members, to help meet the needs of the parish and community, and to encourage and promote a spirit of goodwill and friendship among the members. The Women's Altar Rosary Guild meets the 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. during the school year.   


Hilda Fuentes

Office of Youth Ministry

Staff Member

680 West Memorial Drive - Dallas, Georgia 30132 -- Directions